Masons, also known as Freemasons, are members of a fraternity or brotherhood that operates around the world. Although they are not a religious institution, per se, they do require a belief in a supreme being as part of their entry conditions. They have existed for hundreds of years but focus today on community work and developing good morals. Despite their emphasis on service and ethics, their tradition of keeping some elements of membership and operation secret have made them the target of both discrimination and conspiracy theories.


The Freemasons operate around the world, with large jurisdictions each having a main Grand Lodge with smaller branches. These subgroups are known as blue or beginner lodges. The fraternity adopted these terms based on the traditional makeshift lodges builders would erect for shelter on the sides of cathedrals they were working on.

One negative myth surrounding Masonry is that the fraternity essentially is out to dominate the world. In reality, even though Grand Lodges oversee their blue lodges, each one operates largely independently, with every group ultimately determining its own rituals and obligations. With such a lack of true cohesion and no single governing entity, the group simply does not have the collective power to force movement toward specific activities, and in fact, such force goes against its core principles.

​Who are Freemasons?

Salinas Masonic Lodge #204  Free & Accepted Masons

Freemasons are men who voluntarily seek admission to a lodge, accepted because they were tested and found to be of good character, who believe in a divine presence and uphold high moral, personal, and ethical standards.

They participate and desire to participate with like minded men in learning what Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth mean, practicing these tenants within and without lodge in their various social and professional communities.

There are no secrets in Freemasonry, except for the initiatory rituals and even those are not secret in their activity, but rather in their deeper meanings.

The lessons learned in Freemasonry are openly shared with wives, friends, co-workers and to anyone who desires to understand their meaning. The most profound secret is the depth of fraternal association that comes with being a Freemason.

Freemasons are not typically boastful or indolent about its virtues and seldom squander the opportunity to impart the wisdom of the fraternity whenever possible. Practical duties of charity are planned for and carried out, personally and within a lodge. Most importantly, the bonds of fidelity and brotherly love are practiced within the lodge and without towards all brothers and non-brothers alike, but with special consideration to brother master masons, wherever they may be.

Freemasonry is about building meaningful relationships with like minded individuals who have a spiritual connection without a religious dogma.  In most instances, those bonds last a lifetime in person, at a distance, both online and on the street.